Bolton Street Baptist Church
Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Our Childrens Church

Children are invited into the sanctuary with everyone else at the beginning of the Sunday morning worship service.   This allows each one to see where mom and dad are as well as it enables them to feel at ease in the sanctuary.   They can participate in the singing at the beginning of the service.   Later in the service, about 11:20 a.m., the children come forward for a two to three minute object lesson with the pastor and then they are dismissed to children's church wherein adult workers lead the children in singing and Bible lessons.
     The lessons in children's church are interesting to the children and they are designed for their age level, from age four through third grade.   These lessons are biblically based and help the children learn more about the events and people of the Bible.
     We want to help and support parents as much as possible in teaching children biblical principles through a media and with a curiculum designed to reach each one at his or her age level.